Anxiety · Sleep · therapy

A Bump in the Road

This week hasn’t been a good one. Each morning, I wake up and I just don’t feel right. Today, however, I knew it was anxiety. It’s hard to tell myself that everything is okay. I even went to therapy yesterday, so that’s what makes this more surprising that anxiety is with me. I’m not really 100% sure why anxiety is with me, but this post is to focus on not that anxiety has come back, but that anxiety has come back and I’m not as bad as I was last month.

I might not be 100% like I was last week, but I’m about a 50% instead of that 25%. I’m able to eat, even though there are times I feel like I have to force myself. I can calm down a little easier. Not by much, but a little.  That and anxiety is always going to be with me, no matter how many pills I take or things I learn. It’s just a matter of how you think of it, how you handle it, that makes these not set backs.

I know I will get better, I’ll get back to what I was the other week, even if it takes some time. I will because I always do….even if it feels like I won’t.


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