Anxiety · Tips

Things I Have to Tell Myself Daily

Since I did a things that give me anxiety, I might as well do a things I have to tell myself when this anxiety hits.

  • You’re okay
  • It’s just anxiety
  • It will pass
  • Let it come/ let it go
  • You’re not going to get sick
  • Your thoughts aren’t true
  • You can make it through this
  • You’ve made it through so much that this isn’t a set back
  • Your anxiety will never go away, so accept it
  • If you don’t let it effect you, you won’t panic
  • Your past is your past and that doesn’t mean everyone is like how those boys were
  • You’re excited, it’s not anxiety
  • You can do this
  • You’ve done x before, you can do it again
  • It’s just a hassle, not a horror
  • The worst that could happen is x and you can handle that
  • No one is going to judge you. More people have anxiety than you know
  • You’re not going to ruin anyone’s day if you have an anxiety attack or get sick

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