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Things That Give Me Anxiety

I figured I’d make this post to give everyone an idea of what gives me anxiety (and what might give others anxiety). I also wanted to just have a list somewhere for when I go see my therapist next week. Note, these aren’t all the time, but they they do pop up (even when I was on my medicine).

  • Traveling. Thankfully, my anxiety has never acted up on a plane, but I worry that it’s going to come pay me a visit while traveling in the air.  I worry about that now and I don’t even have a trip planned. I also fear I’ll have an attack when I’m not at home and it will ruin the vacation or night away.
  • Throwing up. Not a fan of that and when my anxiety effects my stomach, I’m afraid I’ll vomit. Now, when I feel that feeling at home, it doesn’t have as much power. When I have that feeling when I’m out, it has a lot of power over me. Hence, when my stomach hurts, I freak out more than I should.
  • Excitement. I mistake this feeling for anxiety a lot. Anxiety is something I’m used to more than excitement (which is kind of sad), so my mind goes straight to that when I feel the butterflies in my stomach.
  • Sex. I’m not going to lie, sometimes that gives me anxiety. I still have body issues, due to being bullied about my weight, so I get a little anxious when I know sex is most likely going to happen. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to, it just means I freak out a bit cause even though I know Jon doesn’t think I’m fat or is going to think that once my clothes are off, the memories of being bullied are there. The whole mistaking excitement for anxiety is also a factor here.
  • Meeting new people. I get nervous when meeting people, especially someone important. Whether that be the boss of my company or someone who is really important to my boyfriend. Again, due to being bullied in school, I spend a little too much time worrying about what people think of me. I’ll probably have a panic attack the day I meet Angelina Jolie.
  • Driving. I hate driving, probably always will. I’ll only do it when necessary and even then I hate it. Backing out of spots and highways terrify me and my leg starts to shake. I’ve done a little bit of therapy for this, but even driving on the highway I still can’t do it without someone in the car with me cause I’m too afraid I won’t see someone in my blind spot or get stuck in a spot I can’t get out of. I also don’t like driving to places I don’t know.  Also, when it snows, forget it.
  • Getting dizzy. I don’t think anyone likes this feeling, so this one might be easier to understand. This is not a normal feeling, so I freak out.
  • Talking on the phone. Not a big fan of this. If I’m on the phone, unless it’s talking to my sister or parents, I’m pacing while on the phone.
  • Anxiety. Anxiety gives me anxiety. The first thing my therapist said was that my anxiety is caused about worrying about my anxiety showing up. She was right.
  • When my laptop has issues. This one I’ve gotten better with. Whenever my laptop does something abnormal when shutting down or restarting, I sometimes panic it won’t turn on and I won’t be able to get my files or talk to my best friend, JJ. This feeling didn’t show up the last time it acted up though, so I might be getting better with this one.
  • When my coping mechanisms don’t work right away.  This happens due to frustration and thinking I should be able to handle this by now and I get scared that they’re not working.
  • A change in routine. This gives me anxiety cause it’s new. That and sometimes I’m afraid it will effect my current routine (ie: not being able to have enough time to talk to my friend JJ).


There might be a few more things, but these are the ones that are in the forefront of my mind.  If you have these too, you’re not alone. If you have any tips, feel free to share them with me.


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