It’s Been Awhile

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but that’s a good thing. Why? Because I’ve been doing well. Of course, my anxiety is still with me, but it’s nothing to where I feel like I need to go back on my pills or to go see my therapist. Anxiety hits me the most when I’m sitting in a waiting room waiting to be called for an interview. Other than that, anxiety hasn’t been that bad where I feel like I need to pace around or anything like that. And guess what, I know people are nervous for an interview and I try to tell myself that….that’s it is okay to be nervous and that it’s just your anxiety. Just let it happen.

I’ve been learning more about how to tell myself that. It’s not that easy to just tell yourself to let anxiety happen, especially if you’re waiting for an interview and you can’t really leave or pace around to make yourself feel better. However, I’ve been learning how to tell myself to just let the anxiety happen. When I feel a little off, I tell myself to just let whatever happen to happen and it doesn’t give the anxiety as much power….most of the time. The time where that doesn’t work is when my anxiety says haha no I’m going to win today.

Thankfully, I haven’t had that many moments where my anxiety has hit hard. I was able to go see new family member’s on Jon’s side without having a cup of tea in the car. I’m able to go to an interview without freaking out before I get there. I’ve been able to go out of the house without saying, “Oh crap, anxiety might come with me.”.  I’ve been able to do a few things that I wasn’t able to do as well a few months ago, so I’m glad for that. Of course, I’ll still have my moments even years from now, but I know I’ll be able to handle it.

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