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What is Going on?

It’s been four days now that I’m off my medicine and…..I’m fine……huh? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just very very confused. Every time I switched my pills, my stomach would turn on me for a few days and….well nothing has happened. I haven’t felt that much anxiety (besides a little bit yesterday when I was a little worried about well feeling normal). Since Saturday, my anxiety has vanished. I was fine, after drinking some tea and with the help of Jon’s support, Saturday. I even drank some caffeine today cause I felt like I could handle the extra anxiety. What?! Again, I’m not complaining. I’m just really really confused. I was expecting to have another month where I was on/off and my anxiety might be extra high, but it’s not.

I know I might be speaking too soon, but hopefully I’m not. This weekend, I’m going away and I’m a little nervous….but not as nervous as someone just getting off their anxiety medicine would feel. I’m doing great! I know going to see my therapist helped, but I can’t help but wonder if these drugs were the cause of the extra anxiety I had last month. I’m just glad that it’s all behind me, hopefully.

I’ve been staying home one day a week and I’ve been doing great with that too. Maybe next week, I’ll try to stay home two days. I’ll see what the week brings. I go see my therapist next Thursday, so I’ll see how it goes. Hopefully, everything keeps going well and my life can go back to normal!


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