That Time of the Month and Anxiety

I wasn’t sure about writing this post, considering it’s a little TMI, but this blog I haven’t really held back so here it is. I’m pretty sure women have it worse than men when it comes to anxiety (but don’t we usually end up having the worst of everything). I know many people who say that their anxiety is high during/before their “friend” shows up. While I was on my medicine, I really didn’t see too much of a change. However, there were some months where I did. I noticed the week before my sleeping schedule was a bit out of wack. It was harder for me to fall asleep, since my mind wouldn’t shut up. I get more bitchy too, but those are the only two things I’ve noticed.

Now that I’m off my medicine, somewhat, I’m not sure if it’s the withdrawals/anxiety from that or my “friend” causing me this high anxiety for the past two weeks. I’m thinking it’s the  former, but I could be wrong. The only way I can figure that out is seeing how next month goes and how the next few weeks go. All I can do is go day by day and see how things go. So far, with going out, I’ve been pretty good. Yesterday, there were no problems. Today, no problems either. It seems like it takes me about two days for me to get rid of that “going out anxiety.” However, I’m going to do what my therapist says and go out at least once a day. I do want to make sure that I’m well for next weekend (considering I’m going to try to go to New York). It might be a struggle, but I don’t want to give up and I want to push myself to go.

That’s the one thing that you have to do with anxiety, push through it and know it will pass eventually. It’s hard, but I explained it the other day like this. While on these pills, I was wearing floaties while swimming. Now, I’m off them and I have to learn how to swim without those floaties on. I’m just hoping that I can swim without those floaties. However, if I have to wear those floaties to enjoy the water aka my life, I’ll do it.

Does anyone else experience higher anxiety during or before their time of the month? If so, what helps you?


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