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Why I Feel Accomplished Today

I feel extremely proud of myself today. I have a very small amount of a tingling sensation in my leg today. You know how great that feels?! It took me months to get to where I am right now when this first showed up in Jan of 2016. Granted, there was a week where it did go away and then it came back with full force, but I’m not thinking about that. I’m not going to be back to that time and if it does come back I now know how to handle it. I am still taking my pills every other day. I have not been outside yet (more mainly because it’s cold and it snowed rather than me not feeling well). I’ve asked my mom to go out either tomorrow or the next day, just to see how I am before I make any plans for the weekend. I am a little nervous about going out, but I’m not going to let that take over me.

Now some of you might be wondering what exactly I mean by tingling feeling in my legs. Well, it’s basically exactly as it reads. It’s more prominent in my left leg than my right, but it can go to both. I’m not sure if it’s because the left leg is on the side your heart is or it’s for unrelated reasons. The tingling is usually felt anywhere from the left cheek of my backside down to about the knee. Sometimes, it’s the knee down to the foot, sometimes it’s the left cheek down to the foot. Sometimes it’s both legs. It’s funny because when it’s the knee to the foot it’s usually felt on the outside of the leg and when it’s the former it’s the inside of the leg. The sensation that is felt is kind of like you’re sitting on something very uncomfortable and it makes you feel like you have to move around to get comfortable. It also feel like your leg is starting to fall asleep and you just want to shake it to wake it up. It’s never painful, just annoying.

It took a few trips going to the doctor in order to figure out that the tingling in my legs was indeed anxiety. Usually, people experience this tingling sensation around their mouth or their head because your body isn’t producing enough oxygen (due to your panic attack). I have had the tingling feeling before in my head (my first ever encounter with anxiety), but never around the mouth. They tested my nerves, made sure that I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms of MS, and made sure that I didn’t recently have an injury to my legs. How they figured out it was anxiety was because I came back a few days later when I felt this tingling sensation throughout my body. I felt it in my hands, my feet, my arms, my chest, my head, and of course my legs.

Since this doctor wasn’t with me when I first experienced my first anxiety attack, she wasn’t sure of my past. Once I told her that I had two panic attacks before, she said that we were going to treat it and prescribed me the prescription for Zoloft. We tried Xanax for a few days, since she couldn’t see me for a few days, but that didn’t really help. In fact, it freaked me out more so because it said it could cause seizures. An hour before I took said pill, I would be slowly freaking out. I didn’t want to take it and now I still don’t want to take it. I have the bottle still in my medicine cabinet, for just in case reasons. I debated about maybe if I should try to take one while I’m weaning off of my meds, but I really would love to do this naturally. It is nice to know that there is something there in case I do need it.

Now, even when on the pills I still had my share of this tingling sensation in my legs. Mostly at night though when trying to sleep though. So technically, I have been living with this even on my medicine. I am just glad that it’s not getting worse and that it is getting better. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get there (and so will you if you’re reading this and you’re battling your anxiety).


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