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Being That Friend With Anxitey

Most of my friends know that I have anxiety. I don’t feel like I have to keep it a secret and it actually makes it easier when I have to say “Can you stop the car and just pull over for a second, so I can just walk a bit?”. This could be used for information for those who have friends with anxiety or just a, “Hahaha, that’s so me,”read. Below are some of the things that I tend to do with my friends due to my anxiety.

If You Haven’t Reached Out to me Today, I Probably Think Something Horrible Happened. 

I have some of the best friends in the world because they spoil me. I talk to most of my friends once a day, even the ones that live out of state. However, there are days where one of us has unplanned plans, we get sick, etc. When that happens, I usually think that something horrible happened or you’re mad at me. When in reality, you’re just busy, not feeling well, or the power went out. My one friend, JJ, makes sure to let me know when something comes up or he’s not going to be around/online that day. I’m not sure if he does that because of my anxiety or he’s just being a good friend, but he has me spoiled.

I Will Always Be Early 

Never try to surprise me with a surprise party, unless you either pick me up or tell me the party starts at 7 when it really starts at 5.  I’m always on time for things. I don’t like to be late and when I am late, I feel bad. Even when I was working a job I didn’t like, I couldn’t show up late to work because my anxiety can’t let me. I am the person to call though when you want to make sure you’re on time for your flight (even though I don’t drive to the airport because I have driving anxiety).

I Might Ask You to Pull Over 

Sometimes, my anxiety will just come out of nowhere and sometimes it might be in the car. I might ask you to pull over so I can just walk a little bit and clear my mind. It happens, but that doesn’t mean I want to stay inside all day because I’m afraid I might get sick or need to ask you to pull over.

I Like to Hold Your Hand 

Some physical contact is something that I would ask for when having a panic attack. I don’t give a fuck if people think we’re lesbian lovers or that we’re dating. At that moment, I just need to know someone else is there.

I Will Say I’m Sorry A  Lot 

When I have an anxiety attack, I usually say I’m sorry about 20 times. I don’t like disappointing someone or getting sick in front of them. It’s not my idea of a fun time and I want to make sure you know I’m not doing this just to go home or something of that sort. My friends always say that it’s okay, which I love them for.

I Sometimes Feel You Hate Me 

If you do something unusual, I might think you’re mad at me. 99.9% of the time, you aren’t. However, my anxiety will put that thought in my head until you act “normal”. Sorry about me thinking that. I don’t question our friendship, but I just think that I might have done something wrong. Thankfully, most of my friends I’m either close enough to where I can ask them or they quickly do something to change my mind.


These can be used for family members as well, but these are more so the things that come up when I’m with my friends. Feel free to share this with your friends as well. Have a happy New Year!


One thought on “Being That Friend With Anxitey

  1. I can relate to most of these.except the driving part..I love to be in the car, even if I have no place to go..and I can’t stand to be touched. But need to be at’s odd having anxiety..and my former of anxiety is hard to explain and understand..cause it came into my life in my 30s when I was pregnant.. no sign of it ever before.


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