Happy Holdiays

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Thankfully, my anxiety didn’t pal around, so that was one of the best parts of my holiday. I got three things for Christmas that I’m going to see helps my anxiety take a backseat more often. If you have experience with any of these, let me know below and let me know how they worked for you!

Fitbit Charge

The first item I got was a Fitbit. With taking my anxiety medicine, I’ve gained about 10-15 pounds (which isn’t bad, but not what I wanted). So, I want to be a bit healthier in the new year. The main reason I wanted it though was because of the heart rate and the sleeping. I wanted to see if when I have an anxiety attack, how much my heart rate actually goes up and how long it stays up (or low). The sleep feature on it I feel like raises my anxiety a bit when I’m trying to sleep, but when I look at the chart of how I’m sleeping it really isn’t. I may end up taking it off at night if I still feel like this after a week or so of using it, but we’ll see.

Peabody & Paisley Apothecary: Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends

My friend/ former co-worker got me this. They’re 100% natural and they come in little bottles. You put them about 6 inches away from your nose (they’re strong) for when you’re experiencing stress, having problems sleeping, or you have a headache. I tried the sleep one and it did seem to work. You can put them on your pulse points. It does have a caution label on it if you’re pregnant, nursing, or taking medication (not really sure why), so if you are use caution and talk to your doctor.

Color Therapy 

They’ve been saying for awhile now that coloring helps you relax and it does. I have used this book (not because my anxiety is high) and it has been fun and relaxing. I’ve been doing a little bit before bed and it’s been fun. It comes with four markers, so I’ve been using the colors that the have provided. I might venture out and use some of my nieces’s markers (since I want to use blue and purple), but in the meantime the four colors work nicely.

Below, I will link the items. Did you get what you wanted for the holidays? Did you get any of these three items? Have you’ve used any of these items? Let me know in the comments 🙂  (Remember, if buying from Amazon use Amazon Smile so some portion goes to a charity)

Fitbit Charge 

Essential Oils 

Color Therapy 


One thought on “Happy Holdiays

  1. I also have anxiety and really bad panic attacks,but I’m trying to keep a hold of them ,especially over the holidays.I hope you had the best Christmas and it’d mean a lot if you followed back! Especially as I’m nearly at 250 followers x


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